In good old days the only place of formal learning was school. The school was a place where a teacher could communicate with his student, to explain, provide instructions or answer to questions/query in the stipulated schedule class timetable.
Today, we are living in an entirely different world of communication technology.The teaching and learning(T&L)has changed. The teacher has a multitude of approaches to explain concepts and answer questions to students outside class schedule. They have a variety of tools to present, tube video, podcast, videocast, screencast etc. to explain concepts as well as queries can be asked and answered on Facebook grouping at any hour of day or night.
Indeed, there is a “shift” in T&L tools. From blackboards to whiteboards and now smartboards . From books to computers and now ebooks/ipads/tablets.
Through my website I would like to share concepts in Economics. Appreciate if you could share and collaborate with others of this website, “EconConcept”
Economics is basically an interesting study of resources and choices.Optimization of resources by choosing the best alternative is the key to all the central problems of an economy. The present module gives you an exposure to the meaning of Economics, Micro Economics and Macro Economics,Central Problems of an Economy,

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